The purchasing volume of the worldwide APAG companies average more than 40 Million €, the highest segment is allotted to the production materials and various key materials, among them semiconductors, passive components, printed circuit boards, plastic and optical parts, cable and cable harnesses.

Supplier requirements

We involve our suppliers in our development, production and business processes at an early stage. This generates a close, intensive exchange of know-how, ideas and expertise – and ensures optimum product realization. In return, we offer our suppliers excellent opportunities for development, attractive conditions and long-term partnerships.

Our suppliers are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Structures and logistics that are capable of supplying all APAG locations worldwide
  • Highly competitive in terms of price, supply reliability and flexibility
  • Constant willingness to reduce costs, ensure cost transparency and increase productivity
  • Innovative intent on continuous product and process improvement
  • Experience and expertise producing prototypes
  • Acceptance of APAG purchasing terms
  • Zero-defect principle for all deliveries
  • Compliance with all current quality requirements
  • Able to update data in the International Material Data System (IMDS)
  • Electronic data exchange compatible with the APAG organization
  • Willingness to invoice deliveries/services using the self-billing procedure
  • Consideration of social responsibility as well as economic and ecological behavior in terms of sustainability, especially with regard to air quality, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, management of natural resources, waste reduction, water quality and water consumption
  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations that must be considered when fulfilling the supply contract – in particular laws to combat corruption and money laundering, competition and antitrust law, export control and tax legislation
  • No intentional offer of products that contain raw materials, that have contributed to human rights abuses, bribery or ethnic violations, or that have adversely affected the environment
  • Use of verified and conflict-free raw material producers and refineries to obtain raw materials such as tin, tungsten, tantalum or gold

In general, APAG expects its suppliers to consider all of the above-mentioned points throughout the entire value chain.