• APAGCoSyst

    Windsor, ON, CanadaHardware & Software Development, Production, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Sales & Customer Support

    Madison Heights, MI, USASales & Customer Support

    Bonita Springs, FL, USASales & Customer Support

    Nuremberg, GermanyGlobal Strategic Procurement, Mechanical/Optical Design, Hardware & Software Development, Sales & Customer Support

    Pfäffikon, SZ Switzerland HQ, Group Finance, Marketing & Sales

    Pardubice, Czech RepublicProduction, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Sales & Customer Support

    Pilsen, Czech RepublicProduction of Automation Concepts

    Bengaluru, IndiaHardware & Software Development, Design Testing, and Test Protocol Development

    APAGCoSyst Locations Map
  • Group Locations

    New Delhi, IndiaKCI Office & KPL Office

    Mumbai, IndiaKCI Office & KPL Office

    Calcutta, IndiaLudlow Office, KCI Office, KPL Office

    Chennai, IndiaKPL Office

    Ankleshwar, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Vizag, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Naidupeta, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Jodhpur, IndiaKCI Solar Plant

    Howrah, IndiaLudlow Jute Mill

    Shanghai, ChinaKPL Office

    Dubai, UAEKPL Office

    Addis Ababa, EthiopiaKanoria Africa Textiles

    Group Locations Map
  • Partners/JVs

    Shenzhen, ChinaOutsourced Turnkey Electronics Production Partner

    Partners/JVs Map

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.