Electronic Control Units

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Driven to deliver high-quality electronic products, APAGCoSyst has been a global leader in its field since 1954. Our company credo, the 5Cs – consideration, commitment, creativity, cohesion, and character – make us a well-trusted electronic service provider in various industries.

APAGCoSyst specializes in producing electronic control units customized to serve our diverse range of customers. Electronic control units or ECUs are small devices inside an automotive electronic system that serves as a control unit. ECUs are powered by a core chip with embedded software stacks designed to perform a specific function in vehicle electronics. 

Today, most cars contain as many as 100 ECUs for different controls – engine, lighting electronics, power steering, door functions, transmission, battery, safety features, and many more.

APAGCoSyst ECU Services

At APAGCoSyst, we pride ourselves on our wide range of ECU services, designs, and manufacturing processes. Given our decades of experience, highly-skilled staff, and cutting-edge equipment, we are fully qualified to perform the following services for automotive, industrial, medical agriculture and other  electronics:

  • System design
  • Requirements engineering & generation of specifications
  • Analog and digital circuit architecture and development
  • Embedded software development, including the development of real-time-operating systems or capable applications (RTOS)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) for assemblies and housings
  • CAD data of PCBAs for virtual mechanical integration
  • Validation, comprehensive testing such as hardware in loop (HIL), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental qualification and type approval
  • Managing and ensuring functional safety-critical systems according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL B – a pivotal component used to determine safety requirements for software development.
  • Managing and ensuring AUTOSAR integration and compliance

Electronic Control Units

APAGCoSyst ECU Areas Of Specialization

We design and manufacture ECUs for automotive applications tailored for each project. APAGCoSyst uses a customer-centric approach for original equipment manufacturers. We have five areas of specialization – smart actor control, human-machine interfaces, smart sensor control, functional gateways, and software stack development.

Smart Actor Control

Smart Actor ControlUp-to-date with the latest development in electromagnetic compatibility and environmental guidelines, APAGCoSyst specializes in smart actor control. We design power stages based on customer applications, desired system functionality, fully-customized handling switches, positioning sensors, thermal management, and signaling.

Our ECUs are optimized for multiple vehicle electronics applications – electrically adjustable steering wheels for rake and reach, spoiler activation, chassis lift, and air register controllers. In addition, our development experts are highly capable of integrating electronics directly into mechanical systems, and we factor in space, packaging, mounting, and housing connector design restraints.

Human Machine Interfaces

Human Machine Interfaces APAGCoSyst’s designs are engineered with the user in mind. We manufacture vehicle electronics controlled through touch technology and replace mechanical switches for a more user-friendly approach.

We can integrate sensors on printed circuit boards (PCBs), foil, or mesh and provide haptic feedback. Through EMC optimization, we can develop mechanisms such as guard channels, sample hopping, or requisite software filters to avoid an operating error.


Smart Sensor Control

Smart Sensor Control Working closely with housing construction specialists, we create gauges for meter clusters, 3D design surfaces, lighting implementation, and other instrumentation. In addition, our lighting electronics technology helps us achieve homogeneous light distribution.

APAGCoSyst can develop single or multi-color lighting and change color for symbols and scales. Our experts are trained in display control, stepper motors, and lighting elements. We are also highly capable of producing signal processing and filtering for parameters such as fuel level, situation-based control of symbols, and complex interactive menus.

Functional Gateways

Functional Gateways At APAGCoSyst, our ECUs are constantly developed and improved to keep up with the advancements in vehicle electronics. Our functional gateways control our smart sensors and actors: interior lighting, aerodynamic control units, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) with visual or haptic feedback, augmented reality, and more.

Software Stack Development

Software Stack Development Our experts use our unique software stacks to integrate with our toolchains, facilitating lower costs. In addition, this allows us to handle data software, security, and configuration management.

APAGCoSyst can deliver software stack development for any ECU. Software stack development capabilities are also suitable for businesses new to electronic production, companies seeking prototyping, or specialty car manufacturers that design their vehicles but do not have an extensive line-up.


Software Experience And Certifications

  • Software

    APAGCoSyst has extensive experience working with the following software:

    • IBM Doors
    • CAD Catia Vx
    • MATLAB – Simulink & Stateflow
    • dSpace Target Link
    • CodeGenerator
    • Vector Tools, e.g., CANoe and DaVinci
    • Polyspace static code analysis
  • Certifications

    We are also industry-certified by the following:

    • ISO 26262 – road vehicle functional safety
    • ISO 13485 – medical devices regulatory requirements
    • IATF 16949 – automotive quality management systems
    • ISO 9001 – internationally recognized quality management systems
    • QMS-certified – quality management systems (Optimize performance, drive cost savings and improve customer satisfaction).
    • ASPICE-compliant development process (Automotive Software Performance Improvement and Capability Determination)
    • Management Systems certified – a proven framework for establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving internal quality processes.
    • Agile certified – agile, flexible development team and full production capabilities


Experience APAGCoSyst’s Innovative Electronics Solutions

Our stellar track record and loyal lifetime customers speak for themselves. When it comes to tailor-fit, high-quality electronic control units, APAGCoSyst has got you covered. We serve numerous automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and tier 1 suppliers globally. Popular brands like Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar, and more have APAGCoSyst’s products in these vehicles.

Moreover, our entire production capabilities and dedicated development team can manufacture series samples with short notice and turnaround time. We provide innovative electronics solutions for customers in other sectors, such as industrial, agriculture, medical and more.

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