Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

APAGCoSyst is driven by our core values in our CREDO – the 5Cs: Consideration, Commitment, Creativity, Cohesion, and Character. These core values are shared by the entire team, and they drive us to deliver excellence on every project we participate in. Our R&D team of experts brings creative ideas to life, and our production team works to deliver quality products on time and on budget.

The APAGCoSyst philosophy is to integrate with your team to make ideas work. This allows us to see and understand the idea behind the specification from our customer to support them and make that vision functional in the vehicle. The APAGCoSyst team is not just a receiver of specs— to identify issues and think at the system level.

APAGCoSyst serves numerous automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers across Europe, North America and Japan. Products produced by APAGCoSyst can be found in cars and motorcycles from Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ducati, Dodge, BMW, Mini, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Jaguar, Land Rover, Cadillac, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati, Renault and Nissan.

We also provide innovative electronics solutions for customers in other sectors, such as industrial, agriculture, medical and more. To see how our advanced electronics design and fabrication capabilities can serve your application, please contact us today.

APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures custom electronic control units (ECU) for automotive applications.

Our services include:

  • System design
  • Requirements engineering & generation of specifications
  • Analog and digital circuit architecture and development
  • Embedded software development including development of real-time-capable applications (RTOS)
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) for assemblies and housings
  • CAD data of PCBAs for virtual mechanical integration
  • Validation, comprehensive testing (hardware in loop – HIL, electro-magnetic compatibility – EMC), environmental qualification, and type approval
  • Managing and ensuring functional safety-critical systems according to ISO26262 (up to ASIL B)
  • Managing and ensuring AUTOSAR integration and compliance

Car dashboard ECU visualization

The platforms we use provide a variety of inputs and outputs. They are automotive qualified and can be used for rapid-embedded control prototyping and for series applications. Housing and connectors are designed for use in vehicles.

Areas of Specialization

Smart Actor Control

ECU for AudiAPAGCoSyst designs and manufactures ECUs, controlling motors, and actuators for a multitude of automotive applications. Some examples include electrically adjustable steering wheels for rake and reach, spoiler activation, chassis lift, and air register controllers.

The development process we use is customer-centric and project specific. We have served different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across different vehicle models, accommodating for varying constraints and specifications on each project. Power stages are designed based on the type of motor being driven and desired system functionality, and will fully customize handling switches, positioning sensors, and signaling.

At APAGCoSyst, we understand that the connection to the vehicle communication network varies from project to project, and we work to stay current with all relevant electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and environmental guidelines. Trained experts integrate electronics directly into the mechanics, account for space, packaging, mounting, and housing connector design constraints. We are also experts in diagnostics and monitoring functions, power optimization, speed management, noise optimization, and state-of-the-art security measures

Human Machine Interfaces

Luxury car touch controlAPAGCoSyst designs and manufactures automotive electronics controlled with capacitive touch — an elegant feature growing in various applications in luxury cars. We can replace mechanical switches in dashboards, central consoles, and overhead consoles — often with integrated indicator lighting.

With smartphones, users have become intuitively familiar with a display surface extended to be an interface. Touch technology facilitates this extension. Since touch-based systems do not require contact, they can respond simply with an approach. These capacitive touch systems are increasingly common, even in applications without a display.

We can integrate sensors on PCBs, foil or mesh, and also provide haptic feedback. Signal processing is either discrete or uses an integrated touch controller. The APAGCoSyst team understands the need for EMC optimization and can develop mechanisms such as guard channels, sample hopping, or requisite software filter to avoid an operating error.

As an example, we have touch-based internal and external light switches with intensity and touch-based motor controls.

Smart Sensor Control

Smart sensor for car dashboardAPAGCoSyst designs and manufactures gauges for meter clusters and other instrumentation. Each project is customized. We work closely with housing construction specialists, and with painted, coated, chrome and metallic surfaces for 3D design and lighting implementation. Light guides help us to achieve homogenous light distribution.

We can develop single or multi-color lighting, and dynamically change color for symbols and scales. The experts at APAGCoSyst are well versed in the basics of display control, stepper motors, and lighting elements, as well as signal processing and filtering for parameters such as fuel level, situation-based control of symbols, and interactive complex menus. This allows us to capture external data via analog and digital inputs, as well as common automotive bus systems.

As an example, we did full meter clusters for prototypes and full series specialized vehicles.

Functional Gateways

ECU for car lightingAt APAGCoSyst, we keep pace with the rapid changes in vehicle electronics. The increasing digital capabilities of automobiles has led to increased complexity in onboard electronic systems, which requires the usage of more ECUs.

With smart sensors and smart actors seeing increased use, these complex networks require solutions to help them operate in tandem. We provide gateways that act as master control units for interior lighting, aerodynamic control units, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) with visual or haptic feedback, augmented reality, and more.

APAGCoSyst understands that advances in vehicle electronic architecture require adaptive and innovative solutions. As a custom manufacturer, we do not sell off-the-shelf products. Instead, internal teams design functional gateways specifically for the customer system and manufacture them in any required volume. With AUTOSAR experience, our global team can handle virtually any design challenge.

Software Stack Development

Software stack visualizationThe experts at APAGCoSyst have devised our own software stacks. Doing so allows us to integrate them within our own toolchains, facilitating lower costs that we can pass on to our customers. This integration is comparable to AUTOSAR configurations, and is useful in a variety of applications ranging from data software and security to configuration management for variants.

Our team can deliver software stack development for any kind of ECU. This service is ideal for companies without existing ECU development teams, as well as those with smaller ECU development teams.

Software stack development capabilities are also ideal for businesses new to electronic development, companies seeking prototyping, or specialty car manufacturers that design their own vehicles but do not have an extensive line-up.

  • Software

    Our team has extensive experience with a broad range of software, such as:

    • IBM Doors
    • CAD Catia Vx
    • MATLAB – Simulink & Stateflow
    • dSpace Target Link
    • CodeGenerator
    • Vector Tools, e.g. CANoe and daVinci
    • Polyspace static code analysis
  • Certifications

    APAGCoSyst adheres to numerous industry certifications, including:

    • ISO 26262 Road Vehicles – Functional Safety
    • ISO 13485 Medical Devices
    • IATF 16949 Automotive
    • Quality Management
    • ISO 9001 Quality
    • Management Systems
    • Agile
    • Automotive SPICE compliant development process

As a one-stop solution provider, APAGCoSyst offers global electronics production and assembly. Details are available in the EMS section. We offer a variety of capabilities that set us apart from the competition. These include laser depaneling, 3D laser scans, cable soldering, product finishing, and advanced potting capabilities (for exterior components subject to harsh environments).

We also make custom assemblies and can design and manufacture automated assembly lines for high volumes at a satellite tooling manufacturing facility.

Given our expansive list of capabilities and certifications, APAGCoSyst makes an ideal partner for numerous applications. Our platforms control custom electro-mechanical, lighting, and other functions in series mass production scale for passenger cars, but also small series in special vehicles (e.g. agricultural and recreational) in the comfort and body feature area.

With an agile, flexible development team and full production capabilities permitting us to produce early stage and series samples at short notice; we can drastically shorten development loops and overall project time. If you are in a rush, contact us.