• Automotive

    We work with automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers of all sizes to provide quality electronics and lighting solutions in the areas of actuator controllers, ADAS, HMI, interior and exterior design, indicator, and functional lighting.

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  • Medical

    Proudly, many of the technical skill sets initially developed and nurtured at APAGCoSyst for the automotive sector also have broad application in the medical sector for the design and production of parts for hospital and nursing home beds, digital thermometers, electric wheelchairs, disinfection technologies, and more.

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  • Industrial

    We provide Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) for low to high-volume production for companies in virtually any industry interested in high-quality electronics.

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  • Agriculture

    Robots, temperature and moisture sensors, GPS technology, aerial imagery, and other sophisticated agricultural technologies require reliable electronic control units that APAGCoSyst can deliver.

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Who We Are

We supply electronics and lighting components to automotive, industrial and medical customers.
We design, develop, and produce individualised concepts. Our driven Research & Development works with you to bring creative ideas to life.

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Why Us?

The 5 Cs

Our Company Credo - We pride ourselves on our corporate values that guide our everyday decision-making, and provide a backbone for our annual personnel review system.

  • Consideration Consideration
    • Understand others' perspectives and points of view.
    • Embrace diversity in thought, age, gender, ethnicity, or any other personal orientation.
    • Be honest and authentic.
    • Treat people as we would want to be treated.
    • Empower people.
  • Committment Commitment
    • Give our best.
    • Be reliable.
    • Be fully present and involved in meetings.
    • Make it happen and stay till it is done.
    • Provide a consistency of service to customers, suppliers, and colleagues.
  • Creativity Creativity
    • Think beyond our work about how we work, why, and about what we can improve.
    • Have a positive attitude.
    • Inspire others to think beyond their work.
    • Encourage open sharing and feedback.
    • Look at the root cause of issues and opportunities.
  • Cohesion Cohesion
    • Work toward the common goal and benefit.
    • Be vulnerable in truly showing ourselves.
    • Really care about our colleagues and our relationship with them.
    • Trust and be trustworthy.
    • Make the workplace happy for us, our teams, and our colleagues beyond our teams.
  • Character Character
    • Have a customer focus.
    • Create output we are proud to author.
    • Take responsibility for our work.
    • Help rather than blame or accuse.
    • Breathe quality - work in the same way whether or not somebody is watching.
The 5 Cs

Trusted By Industry Leaders

APAGCoSyst Group serves world-wide brands and Industrial customers on both development projects and production.

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Where to Find Us

With locations across the globe, we are privileged to have an exceptionally dedicated team of more than 3,300 splits into varied group interests and companies.

  • APAGCoSyst

    Windsor, ON, CanadaHardware & Software Development, Production, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Sales & Customer Support

    Madison Heights, MI, USASales & Customer Support

    Bonita Springs, FL, USASales & Customer Support

    Nuremberg, GermanyGlobal Strategic Procurement, Mechanical/Optical Design, Hardware & Software Development, Sales & Customer Support

    Pfäffikon, SZ Switzerland HQ, Group Finance, Marketing & Sales

    Pardubice, Czech RepublicProduction, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Sales & Customer Support

    Pilsen, Czech RepublicProduction of Automation Concepts

    Bengaluru, IndiaHardware & Software Development, Design Testing, and Test Protocol Development

    APAGCoSyst Locations Map
  • Group Locations

    New Delhi, IndiaKCI Office & KPL Office

    Mumbai, IndiaKCI Office & KPL Office

    Calcutta, IndiaLudlow Office, KCI Office, KPL Office

    Chennai, IndiaKPL Office

    Ankleshwar, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Vizag, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Naidupeta, IndiaKCI Chemical Factory

    Jodhpur, IndiaKCI Solar Plant

    Howrah, IndiaLudlow Jute Mill

    Shanghai, ChinaKPL Office

    Dubai, UAEKPL Office

    Addis Ababa, EthiopiaKanoria Africa Textiles

    Group Locations Map
  • Partners/JVs

    Shenzhen, ChinaOutsourced Turnkey Electronics Production Partner

    Partners/JVs Map

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