Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

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An electronic control unit (ECU) is a piece of hardware or assembly within a larger system. It controls a specific function, and today’s vehicles are often equipped with dozens or even hundreds of ECUs to control everything from airbag systems to proximity sensors for driving assistance features. Inside each automotive ECU is a chip that reads specific inputs, interprets that input, and responds with a specific action or output.

APAGCoSyst designs and manufactures electronic control units to fulfill the unique needs of increasingly complex vehicles and technological assemblies. Our process of developing and providing ECUs follows multiple stages of design, production, implementation, and validation to ensure performance quality and reliability. This includes embedded software and hardware development to ensure the functionality from start to finish. Our ECUs are built and managed through ISO 26262-compliant processes, and we develop automotive-qualified products with corresponding housing and connectors for easy integration.

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Today’s lighting systems are more complex than ever before. Lighting components are used in products and installations across every industry, and users demand increasingly advanced performance, including automation, a greater variety of options, longevity, and convenience. At APGCoSyst, we specialize in developing interior and exterior lighting components with a completely in-house process that encompasses the conception, design, and development stages. We serve industrial markets, the medical industry, and automotive manufacturers with specialized lighting system solutions that fulfill unique end-use application demands.

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EMS & Automation

Along with specific products, we provide complete electronics manufacturing services (EMS). Similar to contract manufacturing, electronics manufacturing services include a diverse array of manufacturing techniques, value-added finishing and engineering options, and post-production services to ensure clients have cost-effective access to low- and high-volume, and low- and high mix production. At APAGCoSyst, we serve OEMs that want to streamline production, become more efficient, and scale their company’s growth.

The industries we provide EMS and automation for include:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • General industrial
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Transportation

We specialize in providing printed circuit board (PCB) assembly operations. Printed circuit boards are increasingly common fixtures in consumer devices, smart medical devices and wearable medical technology, complex automotive add-ons, and logistics tools. We provide 100% custom automation to quickly and accurately assemble PCB components for our clients.

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Choose Electronics Manufacturing and Product Development From APAGCoSyst

At APAGCoSyst, we produce electronic control systems, lighting components, manufacturing services, and more for industrial clients that want to add state-of-the-art electronics solutions to their products. Our company credo and how we do business is based on our Five Cs:

  1. Consideration: Our team is committed to understanding others’ perspectives and points of view. We embrace diversity in thought, age, gender, ethnicity, or any other personal orientation. We treat people as we would want to be treated and prioritize honesty and authenticity. APAGCoSyst Empowers people to thrive.
  2. Commitment: We expect and deliver our best by being reliable and fully present and involved in all meetings. We expect to do what it takes to get the job done while providing consistent service to customers, suppliers, and colleagues.
  3. Creativity: Our team members inspire each other to think beyond their work by looking at the root cause of issues and embracing opportunities. We’re open to feedback, sharing new ideas, and pushing improvements forward. We nurture an environment where this can be done with a positive attitude.
  4. Cohesion: At APAGCoSyst we really care about our colleagues and our relationship with them. We work towards a common goal with honesty and integrity. Our goal is to make the workplace happy for us, our teams, and our colleagues by being vulnerable and truly showing ourselves.
  5. Character: Our approach is customer focused. We create output we are proud to author by taking responsibility for our work. Quality is at the heart of our work whether or not somebody is watching.

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