APAGCoSyst is a part of a diversified, well-established corporate family based in India. We are a values-driven, family-controlled group. We believe in a focus on quality, partnerships, and social responsibility. We embrace cultural and intellectual diversity.


Our interests include environmentally responsible chemical manufacturing, renewable energy (wind and solar), textile production (denim and jute), marketing & representation of international industrial firms in India, and of course automotive concept lighting, comfort electronics, and electronic manufacturing services under the APAGCoSyst umbrella.

With locations across the globe, we are privileged to have an exceptionally dedicated team of more than 5’000 people split into the varied group interests and companies.

As we grow to successfully serve more customers in every vertical, we stay true to our value of social responsibility. Most of our activities are focused in India with the Sambhava foundation and the Sheela Kanoria foundation, which focus on education and particularly for women. Nonetheless, every company has its own small portfolio of ways in which we give back. APAGCoSyst focuses its effort in the Czech Republic where the production facility is located.

  • KCI – Manufacturing of organic chemical intermediates and renewable energy (wind and solar) in India
  • KANORIA AFRICA TEXTILES PLC – Cotton textile and denim manufacturing in Ethiopia
  • KPL INTERNATIONAL LIMITED – Representation, marketing and trading of international manufacturing inputs (chemicals, polymers, and paper chemicals) in India, Europe, USA and China
  • LUDLOW – Integrated manufacturing of jute (natural fibre) and value-added jute specialty products in India ranging from yarn, twine, packaging sacks, soil savers to agricultural fabrics.
  • A strong focus on innovation, introduction of several new products, quality and environmental responsibility.